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Ferber Enterprises Madagascar: New start in Ankilimarovahatse

In a bold move marking a new chapter in its history, Ferber Enterprises Madagascar has officially announced its move from Sanfily to Ankilimarovahatse. This transition is not only geographical but also symbolizes a significant expansion and reaffirmation of the company's commitment to innovation and growth in the region.

A new home for innovation

The choice of Ankilimarovahatse as a new base is not a coincidence. Renowned for its economic dynamism and its thriving community, this locality offers fertile ground for businesses seeking renewal and expansion. Ferber Enterprises Madagascar plans to take full advantage of local opportunities, while actively contributing to the economic and social development of the region.

Expansion and employment opportunities

As part of this move, Ferber Enterprises Madagascar is launching a major recruitment campaign. The company seeks to surround itself with diverse talents, ranging from information technology specialists to marketing professionals, logistics experts and many other fields. This massive recruitment initiative underlines Ferber Enterprises' ambition to strengthen its teams and drive innovation through new ideas and skills.

Contribute to the community

The transition to Ankilimarovahatse is also seen by Ferber Enterprises Madagascar as an opportunity to build stronger ties with the local community. The company is committed to being a responsible and beneficial actor for the region, by implementing community development programs and supporting local initiatives that promote well-being and sustainable growth.

A message from our CEO

In a message addressed to employees, partners and the community, the new CEO of Ferber Enterprises Madagascar, Tolérance Herman, expressed his enthusiasm for this new adventure: "This move to Ankilimarovahatse represents much more than a change of address. It is an expression of our faith in the future, in the potential of our company and in the strength of our team. We are delighted to explore new horizons and make our contribution to the development of this dynamic region."

Join our team

Ferber Enterprises Madagascar invites passionate, innovative and motivated people to join its team in this exciting new stage. Candidates interested in current opportunities can visit the careers section of our website for more information on available positions and how to apply.

About Ferber Enterprises Madagascar

Ferber Enterprises Madagascar is a major player in the e-commerce sector, recognized for its commitment to excellence, innovation and social responsibility. With a significant presence in Madagascar, we strive to create value for our customers, our employees and our communities.

For more information about Ferber Enterprises Madagascar and our move to Ankilimarovahatse, please contact us at .

Together, let's turn the page towards a bright future in Ankilimarovahatse.


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