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Our Jobs


The internationalization of our group contributes to an excellent knowledge of the import, the export as well as the routing of all types of materials. We aim to facilitate these steps in order to remove the last barriers which hamper globalized trade.


Our main area of intervention is the field of industry. Surface treatment of metals, mechanics, insecticides are our core business. Our products are distributed in more than 160 countries making Ferber Enterprises an international group.

International trade

International trade, the import and export of goods are one of our specialties and weigh heavily in our turnover. At present, Ferber Enterprises has already delivered to customers in over 130 different countries.


Communication is one of our core businesses, we have developed our own marketing agency to meet the needs of our brands and our customers.


Our analysis laboratory researches and develops new formulas for our products and carries out analyzes for our customers.


The implementation of organic, sustainable and responsible agroforestry in developing countries is one of the major challenges of our group. Safeguarding the resources of our planet while contributing to its development is important to us.

Our expertise

Notre expertise

Digital and performance

Digitization is an indispensable part of today's society that no business can afford to overlook. We use it to make ourselves known, to boost our production and distribution methods as well as to increase our performance.

Strategy and management

The implementation of strategy and management adapted to our investments are one of the keys to our success. We aim for achievable objectives on which we remain focused until the desired result.

Risks, finance and regulatory

Our group relies on perfect risk management, which begins with a zero debt policy. All our numerous projects launched each year were created thanks to the capital accumulated by our company. An intellectual contribution is for us more interesting than financial assistance.

Transformation of organizations

Disrupting the established systems that we have inherited from the past, as well as the bureaucracy that reigns supreme in the current spheres of our society is for us an essential element in the success of a modern company.

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