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A Massive Recruitment Drive in Tuléar's Sanfily District

Tuléar, Madagascar — Setting a milestone in its growth journey, Ferber Enterprises Madagascar is embarking on a significant hiring campaign to upscale its team to a remarkable 300 members. Nestled in the bustling Sanfily district of Tuléar, this initiative underscores the company's commitment to local talent and its vision for the future.

While the tech sector remains a focal point, with a large number of positions open for developers to join the team, Ferber isn’t just about coding. Recognizing the importance of multifaceted growth, they are also keen on hiring telephonic communicators who can drive customer engagement, as well as marketing heads who can strategize and propel the brand forward in the dynamic Malagasy market.

This recruitment drive is more than just about numbers; it's a testament to Ferber's commitment to excellence and its faith in the local talent pool. By fostering a diverse workforce, the company aims to further its mission, values, and service offerings, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of their industry.

If you're passionate about making a difference, believe in the power of collaborative growth, and want to be part of an exciting journey, Ferber Enterprises Madagascar might just be the place for you.

For more details on the current job openings and to be part of this growing family, visit the careers page.


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